Trackman – lessons to the latest state of the art.


What is TrackMan?

The Trackman is a radar device, with the highest accuracy in the golf market. The device measures the entire golf swing and ball flight from the moment of meeting to the landing and this reflects its trajectory in real time. Ball flights of 2 meters (E.g. Pitches) up to 360 meters drives are possible.

All the data of the golf swing and ball flight are illustrated in easy to understand way. The Trackman can be used both indoor and outdoor.

Combined with a computer and the associated software is created thus the probably most accurate impact analysis that there are on the market. Therefore, it is not surprising that many, well-known tour player use the TrackMan training method with enthusiasm to improve their training.

The most important parameters of the movement of the Golf Club and ball are recorded via graphics and represented. Based on this data, it is me possible to analyze the golf swing, to identify weaknesses and thus appropriate improvement measures.

Dufner Gapping

Which parameters are measured by TrackMan and graphically?

  • Bat head off in the impact
  • Clubface at impact
  • Entire stroke length
  • Stroke length in flight
  • Arrival angle
  • Backspin
  • Swing direction
  • Spin axis of the ball

What can TrackMan:

Club fitting:

No more "Hit and hope"

With the TrackMan system, it is possible the optimal conditions for the take-off angle, spin of the ball, flight length etc. Their driver swing to recognize. The resulting optimization of the stroke length can get up to 20 meters.

This is true both for the testing of the irons. Which stock do I need? Hard, soft or regular shank? TrackMan makes it possible.

Trackman is now not only fitting on the professional tours available, but can be used also by you!

Find your distance:

Very many people use distance measuring devices, only a few of them, however, know the exact distance of their clubs.

TrackMan gives you an accurate evaluation of your stroke distance with all your clubs. On the basis of an issued evaluation list can be used any time.

Combine test:

60 balls are struck at different targets of different distances (most of the targets are under 100 meters). The accuracy is measured here. Then you get an evaluation. The data is entered on its own platform on the Internet and you can compare your performance to other golfers (E.g. with a players of same league or) with a world class player). Also, to recognize what distances improvement have and can therefore deliberately train them. In America, this test is already used in many universities to find the best players. The combine test is popular with many professional players, because the result is an indicator of the current form.



The scope video system – golf lessons at a high level:

"Picture is worth a thousand words"


See and understand a new world of golf instruction opens with the scope-video analysis system. The scope-video system has up to 3 cameras and record the golf swing in 85 real frames per second. The high quality of the images allows a comprehensive swing analysis.


I work for many years with the scope system. The scope system is equally valuable for the trainers and students. The students benefited from the pictorial representation of his movement in an impressive slow motion and sharpness. In the classroom, the student recognizes faster his motion and the resulting corrections and relationships.

For me as a golf coach, the system provides the perfect insight into the individual movement of my students. The golf swing is in real time, around 1 second. During this time, the human eye can focus on 1 or 2 basic movements in the golf swing. The scope system draws on 85 frames per second; Thus, individual movement patterns are quickly recognized and to the point.

Tour pros from Europe and the United States with your trainers also work with this system.



SAM putt lap


SAM PuttLab is an analysis and training system for putting and is used worldwide by many golf instructors. The system allows it, the putt with precision to analyze and provides very precise feedback data through the use of ultrasound.

Sam - putt

The system was developed by neuro psychologist Dr. Christian Marquardt, specializing in motion research. The development was accompanied by golf instructors and international tour professionals.


Be measured up to 28 parameters such as z.b.:

  • Alignment
  • Length and path of the back swings
  • Length and path of the forward swing
  • Impact (sweet spot)
  • Rotation
  • Loft, lie, launch angle
  • Speed and Acceleration
  • Rhythm


The data are evaluated in a report, in which many different parameters of the putts are shown. Using the analysis system is useful both for beginners as well as pros.